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Boho Farmhouse is here to help you be creative with your apparel and home decor.  Items you see on our site are just a sampling of what we can do.  We love to push our limits and be creative so don’t hesitate to ask if we can help you accomplish your task.

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About Me


My background

How I got started

How I got started

I'm a Carolina girl and military spouse with a desire to create happiness in others.  My path has led me to appreciate the simple joys in life.  Sharing that joy creates happiness within myself.


How I got started

How I got started

How I got started

Losing my daddy was tough but inheriting his house brought about a desire to create a calm and happy enviromnment as we renovated our home. Now that the entire house is almost complete, I want to share my experience with you.


My style

How I got started

My style

My style is bohemian farmhouse (obviously). You will find a mix in my designs. I love antiques and I love jewel tones. Coziness is my ultimate desire.


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